EXO’s concert tickets sold out in 1.47 second



how can we stop exo from doing things

heya beautiful joanne *u* how are you today? umm could you help me? i don't know to whom else i can adress this.. but.. since you've made a refferance about blood types, could you analize a bit how and why is it so important in korea? do they find one's character by simple ABO or a+, a- etc?? im really confused.. isn't it a bit too general judging someone's charactrer by a certain bloodtype? i mean there are 3.. it like there are 3 kinds of ppl in the earth? im confused im sorry joanne >.< — Anonymous

hello my sweet angel anon !!!! im very good today i caught up with a friend that i’ve known since forever (but she moved to a different state so i saw her for the first time in almost 2 years today omg) ;; and ok ok!!

well firstly, the blood type trait theories that i refer to normally only apply to korean people because the theories were made BY korean people based off OTHER korean people , so it would be invalid to apply these theories to people of other cultures.. does that make sense?? ;; also, i wouldn’t really say it’s important in korea, it’s just that most people believe in them because 90% of the time, the theories are so accurate omg 

there are actually 4 blood types ! A, B, AB and O ^^ and i guess it is too general but people don’t really use blood types to judge character, but more to kind of help understand what kind of person someone might be and how they might react in certain given situations ^^ 

(if you would like a particular example, let me know!)

if d.o. had instagram…

what musical joanne??? whats going on omg — Anonymous

IT’S CALLED “Singing in the Rain” !!!!!

im so happy you have no idea oh ym god, kyuhyun is going to be a lead and he always does so well in his musicals with his perfect prince voice and then onew is confirmed to be in the musical as well ((onew’s voice is just ughghughguhg)) and the producers are currently out to find one more suitable star but according to the article they’re pretty set on choosing baekhyun!!!!!!!! IM SMILING SO HARD RIGHT NOW IM SO HAPPY THEY WANNA CHOOSE BAEKHYUN THEY’RE RECOGNISING HIS TALENT AND INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC  .. .  .…IM SO HAPPY AND SO PROUD IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I CANT MOVE I HOPE SM LET’S HIM DO IT

is onew your bias from shinee joanne? :) — Anonymous

SCREAMS Y ES  it used to be taemin because i was absolutely mesmerised by taemin’s dancing in the lucifer dance prac video (which was the first kpop video i ever watched) but as time went on onew just sucked out my soul and and now i just :-))))





Kyuhyun will be the main in the new musical ‘Singing under the Rain’ 

along with, Onew and Baekhyun

I’m sorry, but… Are exo really ready to be in musicals? Kyuhyun and Onew have really strong vocals and they have experience, but isn’t it kinda too fast for exo to be in musicals?

Well Onew was in a musical in 2010, which was only 2 years after he debuted just like Baekhyun so yeah lol

everyone has to start somewhere right? baekhyun’s vocals have a lot of room for improvement but he has a very ambitious personality which makes him very hardworking and determined when it comes to perfecting everything and anything he ever attempts ;; i know he’ll do amazingly~

Joanne i know a nurse that look like you exactly shes so nice but the difference is shes from philipinnes — Anonymous

OMG IM IMAGINING SOMEONE THAT LOOKS LIKE NURSE JOY FROM POKEMON LMAO…… . thank u im sure she is much more attractive then me tho ha h ahhh. . ;a;