hi joanne!! is it okay if i use your sehun laughing audio as part of my tumblr playlist as long as i link the original in my playlist page? — Anonymous

yes of course sweet pea!!! use it to your hearts content hehehhe

You have Instagram? — Anonymous

yes i do~ it’s joannehanxo ^^

you are my favourite lead vocal ❤
who do you think are the best vocalists in kpop? — Anonymous

omfg ok well i don’t actually know that many groups (like enough to know who’s good at singing and stuff like that) so please keep that in mind while you read this list lmao — also im assuming you mean best all round vocalist..??? (like emotion, technique, vocal range etc??)… in no order 

  • kyuhyun, yesung, ryeowook (im not sorry)
  • ailee
  • junsu 
  • hyorin
  • iu
  • lee hi
  • haeri (davichi)

there’s others that i think are very VERY good but i can’t seem to label them as “best in kpop” like baekhyun, chen, sandeul, JONGHYUN, yoseob, woohyun, jung eunji, soyou :-) 

ここが痛い - it hurts here

like to check out blogs :) — Anonymous

like this and i’ll check out your blog first thing tomorrow !! i won’t be saying how many i followed though because i don’t wanna make anyone sad, also even if i don’t follow you back it’s seriously just because i’m picky and fucked up so please don’t be sad :-( my follow is worth nothing anyway ;;


6 / 12 ㅡ GROWL Era [ chen ]