68/ edits of the Prince 

predebut baekhyun

what do you think of red velvet? ^^ — Anonymous

i really liked the mv with all it’s bright colours and well, happiness !! i’m still in the process of letting the song grow on me because i’m not quite sure about it yet lmao but the girls are all so stunning i can’t breathe … also their debut stage slayed…….. joy really caught my attention during their performance, she seemed really comfortable on stage and not too nervous compared to the other members and hER SMILE WAS SO CUTE SHE LOOKED SO HAPPY??? and irene is no joke she’s like 100 times more gorgeous in motion !!!!!! their live dancing had so much energy it was so lovely to see ;;;; my bias is still seulgi for now but i’m being swayed in all directions omfg. .. red velvet 대박나길~~~

I dont see why people dont like plastic surgery. We only have one shot at life and we are stuck with what we have forever. If you think that getting plastic surgery will make you more confident and happier in life, I dont see why not? — Anonymous

not sure if that’s a good thing but i’ll take it as compliment. thank you jongin.

Luhan’s beauitful smile (≧Д≦)